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Increasing your Property Value

There are many different ways to increase your property value. Most people who sell their homes may not consider the benefits of upgrading or improving their home prior to sale. From my experience it’s a prudent investment to make the following renovations

1. Freshen the paint

Old and dull paint has the tendency to age your home quicker than intended. To avoid this even one coat of paint can shave a decade off in terms of appearance.

2. Tidy the yard and general outdoor area

Overgrown grass and trees can drastically change the appearance of your home from a delightful suburban property to something that looks like it belongs in the heart of a jungle. A local tree lopper or garden landscaper can revive and utilise your outdoor area properly while maintaining a serene touch of the outdoors. Dangerous trees are also to consider as there is implied work when a potential buyer spots it.

3. Stage the house with hire furniture

Hiring furniture to properly showcase your house is an extremely clever way of showing possible buyers the full potential of your house. This game is all about showcasing your home and raising its potential, hire furniture is a sure fire way to fill every room with maximum potential and shows possible buyers the possibilities your property holds. Hire a furniture removalist to get rid of all the old and unwanted items to make the house look more attractive to potential buyers.

4. Renovate the bathroom

Bath rooms are crucial in every house, ensure yours is well maintained and shining at its brightest. Don’t let cracked tiles or anything else bring down the value of your bathroom. A small renovation can hugely increase a bathroom’s livability and is a smart investment.

5. Paint you old kitchen cupboards

Cheap wooden kitchens are out. Alongside dull and worn kitchens. Don’t let your property be dragged down by your kitchen, an easy solution to revitalise your kitchen is to repaint cupboards and generally add another coat of paint. The kitchen is heavily trafficked so unlike other parts of the house paint can easily age and dull there. It is imperative to ensure your kitchen is its best possible condition and repainting it is a cost efficient way to bring it back to glory.

6. Improve the street view

Often under looked, your house from the street is the first impression made to potential buyers. Maximise first impressions by ensuring the entrance to your house is well maintained and inviting. Don’t let plants be overgrown and keep everything tidy. House painting can really ad value to your home and depending on the condition of your paint it may just need pressure cleaning.

7. Get a new letterbox

Often under looked as well but a old destroyed mailbox is a common site. Don’t let it be on your property, a new mailbox entails that this property ios well looked after and although small potential buyers are sure to notice it!

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